Alliance Entertainment Services OEMS
Alliance Entertainment Services
Online Management Software
This is a 100%, custom online management software used to help Alliance Entertainment Services run their business. Due to confidentiality not all elements of this project can be discussed or shown. This custom website application was developed to house an interactive image gallery for staff members to view pictures and allow various clients to browse the gallery of products and services offered. An enhanced invoice building system was developed through the use of icons and images for a responsive application to allow the company to build quotes and invoices on the go, at events and in the office. There is also a community portal located inside this application which allows Alliance Entertainment Services to dynamically run the McKenzie Towne Stampede Breakfast. The community module allows various sponsors to update site content (live), basic and extended information, and alter their logo or promotions. The administrators can manage the entire event (promotions, content, event website, maps, and more) through the interactive application. This responsive application features W3C compliant code (HTML5) and CSS 2.1 and 3.0, as well as PHP and various jQuery plugins to enhance the user experience.